The humble Fiddle Leaf Fig has experienced a huge rise in popularity in recent years, getting plenty of attention from interior designers and magazine editors alike. If you’re anything like us, you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and now own your very own specimen of Ficus lyrata.

But, unless you’re a superstar, green-thumb from way back, you may find these little beauties can be a little tricky to keep thriving. That’s where we come in. Here are our top tips on keeping your fig healthy and happy.

Soft Light
Native to the tropical rainforests of West Africa, Fiddle Leaf Figs prefer places that are hot, dense, shady and moist. Picture the sun-dappled understory of a humid temperate rainforest. This layer receives only about 2-15% of the sunlight that hits the canopy of a rainforest so your fig will love a spot with plenty of soft, indirect light. Definitely avoid harsh, direct sunlight. The early morning sun would be the only exception to this.

Plenty of Water
Imitating the high rainfall of a rainforest is easy, just make sure you water regularly to keep the soil most, but not completely water-logged.

A warm humid place is desirable for these little guys, but not always easy to achieve in your home. They won’t like being exposed to cold breezes so an indoor position away from windward facing doors and windows is perfect. Our pick is the bathroom where the steam from your shower will give the plant regular bursts of the heat and humidity it loves. And whose bathroom couldn’t use a bit of extra greenery to liven it up?! The gurus also recommend misting the plant’s leaves in winter for that extra bit of moisture.

Our Top Spot Pick: Beneath an east-facing frosted bathroom window to get the indirect morning sun and plenty of humidity. Just be sure to keep the window closed if necessary at times to avoid cold draughts.