Azteca Margarita Mix – Classic, Smoked Jalapeno + Grapefruit

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The Classic Margarita – thirst quenching, juicy and lime forward with a hint of cooked pineapple. Perfect balance of salty, sour and sweet.

Just add Tequila & shake like maracas

Pairs perfectly with Tequila Blancos

Badass salt included! Australian sea salt + orange + lemon + lime

The Smoked Jalapeno Margarita – rich and full bodied, it’s a campfire in the woods, chillies flirting with salted caramel.

Just add Tequila and shake like maracas

Pairs perfectly with Mezcal, Reposado or Anejo Tequila

Badass Salt included! Australian Sea Salt + Mexican Chillies + Orange + Lemon + Lime

The Grapefruit & Hibiscus Margarita – pretty in pink, it’s a spring bloom. Fruity and floral, spry and bright.

Just add Tequila and shake like maracas

Pairs perfectly with Coconut Tequila and Vanilla Forward Tequilas (Reposados)

Badass Salt Included ! Australian sea salt + lemon + lime + orange + grapefruit + hibiscus + rose petal + cornflower

1 Litre bottle means more drinks with mates. Included salts mean mates more impressed. ENJOY!

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