Shannon Hawkes Gift Card


Want to send a sweet gift to the one you care about, but not sure what just yet? Why not get our convenient and versatile Gift Card!

These are virtual cards and will be delivered to the recipient by email. Please ensure you type in the correct email address when purchasing. When the recipient receives the email containing the virtual Gift Card, they will get a unique code to redeem at our online store’s check out.

Card Usage Notes:

  • Only 1 Gift Card can be redeemed per order. So, you can’t, for example, redeem 2x $50 cards on a single $100 order – it’s best to get a $100 card in this scenario. Please choose the value of the card you purchase with that in mind.
  • If the card is redeemed on an order less than its value. Any unused value will be retained and can be used on future order(s). E.g, If you redeemed a $50 card on a $30 order, you will have $20 left over. Please retain the code for future use in this case.
  • If the order exceeds the card’s value, you can pay the remaining amount with Credit/ Debit Cards or Paypal.
  • Gift Cards can be used in combination with valid coupon codes.

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