Save your precious memories, don’t let your wedding bouquet go to waste!

Introducing shadowbox preserved wedding bouquets. The sweetest way to preserve and display your wedding florals.

Your flowers are pressed, dried and expertly arranged by our specialist florists in your choice of shadowbox frame to display at home. All of our frames are professionally custom made.

Framed Flowers

50 x 50 Standard frame in white or light oak $580. Perfect for a small or medium sized bouquet.

60 x 60 Custom frame in white or light oak $680. Most suited to larger bouquets or medium bouquets with a boutonniere or other small memento included.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my flowers last?

With the right care and attention, preserved flowers can last a lifetime. Many factors impact how long your flowers will last including exposure to sunlight, humidity and heat. These factors will determine its lifespan.

Do the flowers change colour?

Yes. All flowers will change colour during the preservation/drying process. Some become paler, while others become a little darker. Schedule an appointment to discuss your particular flowers and their suitability.

How does it work?

  1. Book your shadowbox preservation when planning your wedding, ideally 2 – 6 months prior to your wedding, and pay your deposit. Please note that we can only take a certain amount of bookings per month. It is a good idea to book your florals in as soon as possible.
  1. On your wedding day keep your flowers well hydrated. Pop them in some water whenever you get a chance throughout the day. At the end of the day, place them in water and store them somewhere cool such as a cold room.
  1. Return your bouquet to our Yeppoon store ASAP (within 5 days maximum). The sooner we received your flowers the better the preserving results will be. We can pick up flowers for a small fee. Contact us to discuss the best postage options.
  1. Our specialist florist will carefully commence the preservation. The whole process takes between 4 – 6 weeks. Once dried, the flowers are arranged in your choice of frame.
  1. Collect your shadow box and enjoy your beautiful preserved wedding flowers for many years to come!

Damaged or unusable flowers

If any of your flowers are damaged or unusable, we may be able to replace them at cost with your consent.


Your shadow box can we picked up from our Yeppoon store or wrapped with love and shipped via Australia Post for a fee (approx. $30 to $180 depending on weight and location). Contact us for a quote. Purchasing insurance is strongly recommended for extra protection, as we are not liable for loss or damage during shipping.

Change of mind/cancellation

A non-refundable $100 deposit is applicable upon booking. After commencement of preservation we are unable to issue a change of mind refund.


Aside from your standard consumer rights, we do not offer refunds on custom shadowbox orders. Please note we cannot guarantee the colour or texture of your flowers as a result of the flower preservation process and this should be fully understood before proceeding with your order.

Enquire here to book your bouquet in for preservation today!