To ensure your flowers remain beautiful for as long as possible we recommend the following tips:

  • Our flowers are packed with a small amount of water around the stems to keep them hydrated for a short time until they reach you. Please keep your flowers upright to prevent spills until you are ready to unwrap them.
  • Prepare a nice clean vase with room temperature water.
  • Cut about 2cm from the bottom of the stems at a sharp angle and immediately place cut flowers into your vase.
  • Position vase out of direct sun and away from heaters or draughts. Some flowers are sensitive to ethylene which is found in cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and fruit so keep flowers away from these too if you can.
  • Re-cut stems every couple of days to help your flowers ‘drink’ more easily.
  • Rinsing out your vase and adding clean, fresh water every couple of days can also help prolong the life of your flowers by prohibiting bacteria growth.
  • Flower life can vary, so go ahead and remove any spent blooms as they fade to let your remaining flowers shine.

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