Pink and Orange Dried Florals

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Our dried arrangements will not die after a short time, they just keep on looking beautiful forever. They will add a pop of charm to any home aesthetic. They will fade ever so slightly with time, a part of their natural beauty for you to enjoy.

Not every bunch is created the same as we use seasonal blooms, however, they will be a combination of dried natural coloured flowers.

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***Dried flowers are prone to environmental conditions in which they are placed.  We do what we can to ensure your dried flowers last as long as possible, however, like furnishings and fabric, they will gradually fade over time.

To do your part, avoid excessive UV light and humid/damp areas.  Flowers will still absorb moisture on high moisture days and wet weather, so please be mindful of the area you live in. We have found that using the air conditioner on the humidity function does help.

Our dried arrangements can be shipped Australia wide. Please give us a call for a shipping quote.


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