The GoodNight Co ‘Calm Drops’

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Calm Drops For Anxiety

Our natural Calm Drops are formulated to help calm a worried mind and relieve anxious thoughts by being a natural solution for anxiety.

These calm drops for anxiety are a liquid herbal extract that is taken orally. Taken directly under the tongue, this allows the formula to enter the bloodstream quickly.

Our Calm Drops contain a combination of natural remedies which aid with relieving thoughts of stress and anxiety. Plumbum is used to relieve feelings of anxiety and restlessness. Hypericum helps to alleviate frights and shocks. Anacardium is beneficial for anxiety and feeling apprehensive about the future. Platinum soothes the mind of anxious, frightful dreams., while zinc helps to clear muddled thoughts before sleep.

  • Created for those who experience anxiety & restlessness
  • Formulated exclusively for The Goodnight Co.
  • Entirely plant-based & vegan
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in Australia

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